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Read what our happy customers are saying about Back In Balance Wellness Centre.

Dr. Pardip Athwal

Helping Professionals

“I have been seeing Dr. Pardip for over six months now and she has helped me so much! I love that she is also an acupuncturist which came in really handy when my sciatica went out and she got me back to normal that much faster. Her chiropractic methods let me leave her office pain free and with my having fibromyalgia she has reduced my pain with that as well. I absolutely love Dr. Pardip!”
- Charlotte Z.

Caring and Professional Chiropractor

“I have been to many Chiropractors in my life. Dr. Pardip is far and away the best I’ve ever seen. Her care and professionalism are the hallmarks of the type of Chiropractor I appreciate. The fact that she asks many questions and takes the time to ask how I feel after the initial adjustment set her apart from 99% of the others I’ve seen. I never feel rushed out of her presence. That is very important. When I took my 12-year-old son for his first Chiropractic experience, Dr. Pardip took a great deal of time.”
- Kurt R.

Pleasing Experience

“I have been to chiropractors around the world for the last 37 years. Most doctors are very good in 1 or 2 areas, I have found that is not the case with Dr. Pardip. Her energy is used in a positive manner using various techniques. I have referred my friends to Dr. Pardip with great success and I will continue to do so. I am totally pleased with my experiences.”
- Jim E.

Immediate Relief

“I have been receiving acupuncture/chiropractic treatments from Dr. Pardip for injuries/maintenance for the past couple of years. Although skeptical regarding both forms of treatment, I received immediate relief, enough of which to keep coming back!”
- A. Stewart

Available All Time

“Dr. Pardip is always available to help even when she is not working. I had very bad neck pain and I couldn’t get an appointment for 2 days. I texted her and she suggested some solutions to ease my pain until I could get in. I have been suffering from allergies almost all my life. I had to take allergy medication (pill) every day. At Dr. Pardip’s suggestion, I tried a couple of sessions of acupuncture. Lo and behold, my allergies are gone! I still from time to time have the sniffles and sneezing but I haven’t taken a pill in months. So thank you Dr. Pardip for suggesting acupuncture and for taking care of me.”
- Prabha V.

Dedicated to Patient’s Wellness

“I decided to try acupuncture as a means to quit smoking. After only a few sessions. I stopped smoking! That was over a year ago! I feel sensational!! Every session leaves me with a complete sense of well-being. Dr. Pardip is conscientious, caring and dedicated to her patients’ wellness. She is positive and friendly and listens when concerns are shared. She offers guidance and explanations. My life has significantly improved since I began acupuncture. Thank you!!”
- M. Taylor

Highly Grateful

“As we have been involved with Dr. Pardip Athwal for a number of years, we feel that we are able to write fairly knowledgable of her ability to provide help to people.

About three years ago we first came to Pardip with our grandson. It was on the recommendation of one of her co-workers that we had acupuncture performed on Richard. While in Grade 3 he developed Tourette’s tics that were quite bad at times. He was already carrying massive “baggage ” in terms of being diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, stress disorders. The tics were always present, but stress, change of medication etc., really made them worse. None of the “standard” meds used for this condition worked – they gave such terrible side effects that more than one prescription was literally flushed down the toilet. At first, we came twice a week, then slowly worked the spacing of appointments further apart. It DEFINITELY made a terrific difference. We have absolutely NO idea how sticking needles in a person can do such wonders, but we witnessed it with our own eyes. Not only did Richard’s tics lessen and happen a lot less often, but he also learned so much more about his own body. Dr. Pardip was more than patient to explain to him every needle and what it did, and after a short time, he could tell her which ones he was going to feel that day.

Now, about three years later, the tics are a rare occurrence – and about 99% of the time, Richard can disguise them somehow. Pardip continues to see him on average once a month, usually doing an overhaul of sorts with neck adjustment as well as the acupuncture. Overall, with maturity, understanding his body and Pardip’s on-going help and support, Richard is becoming much more comfortable with himself and fits in better with his peers.

After seeing the positive change with one family member, his dad also goes for chiropractic care and the craniosacral massages on occasion. He cannot believe how much help it is – and all done so gently. If it works for two, the third male in the household also decided to give this small person a chance to help him. His skepticism has totally gone (thinking that Pardip would not have the strength to adjust his arthritic back – WRONG). He now goes and, depending on the present hurts and problems, has even submitted to having acupuncture also. This is quite a step for a 76-year-old fellow – and he loves the cranial massages – eases his neck for quite some time after.

We are looking forward to the new facility and are more than open to explore what else will now be offered. We would far, far rather follow a path of natural help for health, rather than taking too many pills, and are very grateful to have “found ” Dr. Pardip.”
- The Brantner family

Pushpinder Sidhu

Highly Recommended

“I recently suffered from extreme dizziness and vertigo. I came to Back In Balance Wellness Centre to try out Craniosacral Therapy because nothing I had been doing up to that point was working. I was so pleased when I finally found some relief after trying out this treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with this issue!”
- Nicole

Makita French

Grateful for the Expertise

"Makita is a gem! Her expertise and passion for wellness shine through. Grateful for her and the entire team at Back In Balance for creating a holistic and nurturing space."

Chris Middleton

A Fantastic Acupuncturist 

"Chris is amazing! His acupuncture sessions have been a game-changer for me. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and in balance. Highly recommend!"

Leanne Creed

A Must-Try Experience

"Leanne's BodyTalk sessions are incredible! She has a unique way of tapping into what your body needs. I've gained valuable insights and feel more connected overall. A must-try!"

Wellness Coordinators

5 Star Service

"Andrea is fantastic! She ensures everything runs smoothly. Her attention to detail and warm welcome make each visit a pleasure. Thank you!"

Inviting Staff

"Jaime is wonderful! Her dedication as  is evident in every interaction. She goes above and beyond to make you feel valued. Such a positive energy!"

A Fantastic Team

"Dalen is fantastic at what he does! He creates a welcoming atmosphere. His personalized care and support make each visit enjoyable. Highly recommended!"

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Puspinder Testmonals

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